About us

Snoozezen was founded with the intention of improving wellbeing through the creation of simple solutions that aim to increase daily relaxation, encourage recovery and improve sleep patterns.

The Snoozezen team brainstormed common problems that arise within the home and believe quality solutions could have a huge impact on the individual. There seem to be generic products out there aimed at relaxation, but Snoozezen prides itself on the quality of the products carefully selected to address insomnia, injury, stress and anxiety.

At Snoozezen, we have carefully selected items that we all need in the bedroom, that can also be utilised in all areas of the home, to promote a zen environment. These items fall into the categories of sleep solutions, bedside accessories and recovery aids. These items work together to create a holistic experience promoting daily balance and wellbeing. Our featured collection of zen products work as a bundle, but can be enjoyed individually too. You may find after you try one of our products there are others that you can add to your zen space!

We would love to hear from you! Reach out in our online form and let us know what else you’re looking for to help your zen!